with the strongest line of data file and message encryption software available.


       EC-Crypt is the Master Software economy encryption package. For a low, low price you get a fast, secure encryption product that can encrypt or decrypt an unlimited number data files and messages one at a time.

       The OP-Crypt Message Encryption System is Master Software's version of the famous One-Time Pad encryption algorithm. This method of encryption is the only cipher that has been mathematically proven to be unbreakable. Your messages will remain secure forever.

       The GK-Crypt Data Security Package is the strongest data security and data encryption product that you can buy. In fact, it is stronger than most file security programs used by governments for their most sensitive data. GK-Crypt was the first 640-bit encryption product ever developed, and still by far the strongest. You can encrypt thousands of files with a single keystroke.

       The MX-Crypt Message Encryption System is an entirely new type of encryption product that allows parties to communicate securely without exchanging encryption keys. This means there is no possibility of an eavesdropper intercepting a key, because no keys are ever sent. Based on our remarkable matrix technology, and protected by four US patents, it is 2000 times as fast as our older NK-Crypt package. You can communicate securely with anyone, anywhere without the need to exchange or distribute encryption keys.
       MX-Crypt includes both user authentication and message validation features which prevent other parties from posing as legitimate users, or altering the messages sent by authorized users.

       The NK-Crypt Message Encryption System allows two parties to communicate securely without any need to exchange encryption keys, using a time-tested large-prime technology, Any two parties who have the NK-Crypt software can securely exchange messages. Nobody else can read these messages, not even if they also have the NK-Crypt software.

       CRYPT90 lets you encrypt and decrypt short messages right on the Master Software website, instantly, and at no cost. There is nothing to buy, nothing to download.

       Random Numbers Bulk quantities of TRUE random numbers are available for use as cryptographic keys for stream ciphers, or for statistical sampling. These are not pseudorandom numbers, derived from some mathematical algorithm, which can be reproduced by using the same seed. They are true random numbers, taken from natural processes, which cannot be reproduced.


       COMP is a handy utility program that compares two text files and lists their differences. You can quickly and easily see what changes were made between two versions of a document or computer program.

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