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Master Software Corporation
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       Master Software Corporation collects the following information about the purchasers of our products:
»   Name
»   Postal address

       We are required by New York State to record the following items for the purpose of verifying sales tax collected:
»   Product purchased
»   Date of purchase
»   Purchase price
»   Sales tax collected
It is possible that we may be required to provide this information to the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance.

       For certain products, where relevant we record the following information:
»   Installation password
»   Distribution key
This provides protection in case the purchaser does not receive, or loses, this information.

       All of the foregoing information is maintained in computer files in our office. When not in use, the files are securely encrypted using GK-Crypt.

       We do not trade or share the names or addresses of purchasers with other companies. Except as required by law, we do not divulge the names or addresses of purchasers to any third parties.

       Some of our cryptographic products use internal keys for the purpose of generating file or message keys. These keys are either chosen by the purchaser, or generated on the purchaser's computer during product installation, or both. These keys are not known to Master Software, and therefore cannot be recorded by us. It is therefore impossible for Master Software to help read messages or files encrypted by our products, either for the purchaser or any third party.

       For people who contact us by email, we keep the email address during the course of correspondence. Master Software does not keep email addresses in permanent files, except for a small number of individuals who correspond regularly.

       Master Software does not maintain demographic or personal data about purchasers, such as age, gender, occupation, income, etc. Master Software does not keep the telephone numbers of purchasers. Master Software does not collect or keep credit card numbers.


       Master Software uses the information above for the following purposes:
»   To mail products to the purchasers.
»   To mail installation passwords and distribution keys.
»   To mail product updates and fixes.
»   To mail announcements of new products and product upgrades.
»   To pay taxes and complete tax forms.

       Master Software does not sell, rent or lease this information to other parties.

       Master Software does not send any form of bulk email (commonly called "spam"), does not hire others to send bulk email for us, and does not maintain, purchase, rent or lease lists of email addresses.

       Master Software does not engage in telemarketing, does not hire others to do telemarketing for us, and does not maintain, purchase, rent or lease lists of telephone numbers.


       Master Software may rent commercial mailing lists for the purpose of promoting our products by direct mail. Master Software does not keep any record of the names and addresses of people on these lists unless they purchase our products, or otherwise contact us themselves.


       Any person who wishes to be removed from our mailing lists may write to us at our postal address, which is found on most pages in this website, and in all of the material we mail. We will also honor requests from third parties if we believe that party is expressing the will and intent of the customer.

       There is no guarantee that removal is permanent, since the person may subsequently purchase another product. Master Software cannot remove names from mailing lists that we rent or purchase from list brokers.


       The Master Software website does not place any files on the user's computer, such as tracking software (commonly called "cookies").


       Master Software does not maintain information about the ages of purchasers. We believe that it is unlikely that minors will purchase our products.

       We believe that there is no prurient material on our website, and that none of the links on our website connect to sites having such material. We quickly remove any material or link which is reported to us, or which we discover to be objectionable on these grounds. The email link at the bottom of most webpages on the site can be used for such reports.

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