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       Welcome to the Master Software website. Master Software is the designer and developer of the strongest high-end encryption products available to civilians.

       Master Software had its start at MIT in 1958. Our first commercial work was Foreign Exchange Accounting for First National City Bank (now CitiBank). The project accounted for currency trading contracts worldwide, so every branch could obtain the required amount of the specified currency by the contract date, preferably at an advantageous price.

       Our first major project, in 1963, was converting spoken English to written English. The project was classified. It may still be classified, but the issue is moot. Today, any mobile phone can convert speech to text, but this was cutting edge research at the time. We did not solve the entire problem, but we made a significant advance by finding a method for dividing the continuous stream of sound into individual letters and words.

       From 1964 to 1991 we produced software for the computer industry. These programs partitioned the logic circuits of a computer component into chips and circuit boards, determined the position for each circuit, and laid out the paths for the printed wiring that connected them.

       During the 1990s, our principle product was the Pascal Macro Compiler. This is a meta-compiler that mixes Pascal language code with control statements to produce Pascal language programs. It is valuable for generating large Pascal programs that contain repetitive code. It allowed a programmer to make a single change in one place that would change the Pascal code throughout a large program. As the use of the Pascal language has declined, the Pascal Macro Compiler has been withdrawn.

       Today, Master Software is known for developing cutting-edge encryption products for the highest level of data security. But, we are equally known for our customer service. You have access to our expert staff for as long as you own your Master Software product. There are email links at the bottom of most pages on our website, and you can use them to contact our technical staff directly.

       Master Software has unrivaled experience. Our pioneering software developers have been writing encryption software since 1958, back when programs were written on decks of punched cards, the world's largest and fastest computer was the IBM 704 with a scant 16K of memory, the first high level computer language, FORTRAN, was still being developed, and nobody had even dreamed of terminals or disk drives.

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